2 thoughts on “Spring Sapping

  1. medleyfamily says:

    Hi, The best thing before you start to tap is to talk to others who have done it before. I was encouraged by someone in town who was tapping their maple trees in their backyard. My husband and I watched youtube videos, but we found that some information needed was left out. A mentor is helpful. My husband got a starter kit at the local hardware store that included 3 buckets, the taps, cheese cloth for straining, and an instruction booklet. ($100) You will need to buy a good candy thermometer. Definitely cook outside otherwise your kitchen walls and ceiling will be sticky and your fuel bill will be super high. We made a cider block 3-sided fire pit and covered it with a piece of cattle panel. Lots of firewood is needed since it takes several hours to cook. There’s a bit of a learning curve, so don’t be discouraged if you end up with maple sugar (my first batch–good on oatmeal) or a burned batch (don’t go in for lunch, have someone bring it to you). We ended with a 1/2 gal of syrup and we were very pleased for our first attempt. Good luck! A good video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0byHa43IHs


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